Thursday, May 10, 2012

Crochet Flower

 Flower Pattern
 Pretty time consuming because of all the switching colors (I only used two colors) but I really love the end result. Weaving in all those ends was a nightmare so if I make it again I will only use one color and save myself tons of time.

I used Redheart Super Saver Yarn and a size G hook.  
Ch 5  and join to form ring
Round 1: (Ch 7, sl st into ring) 6 times for six petals
Round 2: Inside each petal work (sc, hdc, dc, 5 tr, dc, hdc, sc) You are working into the space not a stitch               Round 3: Working on the back petals now. Sl st on the center ring inside the first petal. Ch 9 and sl st on the center ring in the next petal. 6 times for 6 petals 
Round 4: same as round 2 then fasten off. 
You can switch colors on the different petals if you want. 
I also like to leave long tails on the flowers until I know what I'm attaching them to